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Author Nancine Meyer releases new inspirational book

(How to Enjoy Talking With God)

Have you ever wondered, “what’s the sense of praying?” Do you think that prayer is only a serious ritual saved for personal pleas or religious practice? Do you fear it irreverent to talk with with angels and other celestial beings?

The truth about these and other spiritual concerns, and the reassurance of every individual’s holiness, are lovingly shared in Nancine’s new book The Lighter Side of Prayer.The book is a first in assuring readers that prayer is not necessarily connected to a religion or theology; but is rather an intrinsic, unrestricted communication tool for connecting with God and celestial beings. From the storytelling of a very reverent man, throughout descriptions of our otherworldly links and within the discussion of key habits for living a fuller happier life, readers are introduced to the many casual opportunities for beginning prayer with God and heavenly partners.

Nancine Meyer is an inspirational speaker and internationally recognized prosperity coach. She is a professionally skilled psychic medium, specializing in universal law and angel communication.

The Lighter Side of Prayer is an easy-to-read, inspiring choice of books for you, your family, and friends. Buy it today at Amazon.com. For more information about the book or to interview the author, please contact Nancine at: 623-544-3304 or email info@MainStreetAngel.com


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