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About Nancine …

NANCINE MEYER is an author, inspirational speaker and internationally recognized prosperity coach. She is a professionally skilled psychic medium, specializing in universal spiritual law and angel communication.

Nancine is also a very skilled business coach and talented entrepreneur. Adding to her proven psychic ability, she employs skills from her former service in corporate executive management, law, and philanthropic services. Her significant business honors include those awarded by The Business Leadership Institute, The Y for Women, and The United Way. Today, Nancine is the sole proprietor of Main Street Angel, a company she designed to help individuals and business teams identify and change patterns and beliefs which interfere with their acquiring greater health, wealth, and prosperity. It’s very easy for her to do this because she sees angels around everyone, and engages these celestials in her advice. As a certified law of attraction coach, Nancine links her business acumen with her sixth sensory ability, resulting in truly mystical inspiration with contemporary and enjoyable plans of action. As a speaker, Nancine is widely recognized for her unique ability to touch on universal hopes and concerns and offer alternative solutions.

In her book The Lighter Side of Prayer, Nancine writes about the joy of spontaneous communication with God and celestial beings, assuring readers it is an undeniable part of our primary spiritual nature. It is an easy, uplifting book to read with extraordinary spiritual concepts toward living a fuller, happier life. Here's a look inside. 

Formerly from Chicago, Illinois, Nancine Meyer presently lives in Surprise, Arizona.  To schedule an event or inquire about individual coaching, or to arrange an interview with her contact:  or phone (623) 544-3304.

"Nancine’s understanding of prayer opens us to the possibility of living fully in all of our moments."

Mark Stanton Welch, Songwriter/Musician