angel in motion

"A miracle is but a shift from hurt to healing."

- Main Street Angel



Spirit Excavation

Spirit Excavation:  Beginning the Dig

Will you, could you, won’t you, have you? should, if only you could, of course what if you, then you must, or you’ll probably...

Whewwwww!  That’s a big dig for today.  Words, particularly those ad-dressing you, are part of your intellectual closet ready for selection.  And as with your physical clothing, some of the messages are pulled out everyday, while the remainder is pushed to the back (subconscious) to hang around for proper season.  With wardrobe in place, the Intellect calculates, reasons, and deduces drawing upon your experiences, memories, and habits.  From this excessive library, beliefs and perceptions cement and become groundwork for your movement. 

Alas, weighted beneath that cement is the feathery light voice of your true Spirit.  It whispers praise and endearments, and it only leads you to synchronistic joys.  It is here that your Highest Self resides.  It is here that your Dance begins if you but allow the music.

So dig with vigor!  Take a look at your beliefs.  Do they cheer on your Dance?  Or are they perhaps worn out and non-supportive of your Best Self?  Remember, you cannot create what you do not believe in or will not imagine.
Main Street Angel tells me, “A miracle is but a shift from hurt to healing.”  Is it time for yours?  Then “Move Over, Please…You’re In Your Way!”  The Main Street Angel is always ready to help.

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