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Angel Messages

Here is a sampling of the loving messages your Angels bring if you will journal with them~ 

“Your Spirit is the Artist of your sacred composition. Avail your mind to entertain Its splendor. Engage your body to perform Its great intent. Dance with your Spirit. Allow It to lead. Embrace Its holy rhythm and move in that place where only Its magic does reside. It is there, we assure you, you’ll enjoy noticeable blessings in your days!”

 “Your disappointments are the speed bumps on your path as you move along within your Divine Purpose.  They slow the speeding Ego when it is at the wheel.  As with a flattened tire, you may stop and organize repair, or take the hard road, rolling along side with little gain.  A disappointment viewed as but a temporary delay will make a worthy tool.  A disappointment scorned will be carried in your emotional field and choke the remainder of your Journey.  Therefore, meet your disappointments with the breath of a sigh, engage in their mystery, and love yourself through the inconvenience.  It is an opportunity to schedule your Spirit’s next appointment with greater clarity and higher resolve.”

 “Remember, We Love You and are always near to help."

*If you would like Nancine to ask your Angels, you’re invited to schedule an Angel Reading with her.*




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