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Creative Application

Your beliefs are as many and varied as the grains of sand upon a beach.  Some beliefs rest in the subconscious and are not supportive of what your heart truly desires.  Before you can harmonize your beliefs with your true desire, you need to identify what your desire is, and what the currently attending beliefs may be.  Here’s today’s  “How To.” 

Write out your desire by completing this statement: 
“I want/desire ______________”  (Angel hint:  pick one life area and write your desire specifically with a few brief words-not the “movie version.”)

Then, across from it, complete the following statement about it:  
“I believe_________________”
Write as many “I believe” statements that surface.  (Angel hint:  keep it simple: stick to “what” and forget about “why”).   Here’s an example of the entire exercise:  

Life Area: Career Desires
I want work I enjoyI believe work is never fun
I want a promotionI believe my talent is not valued

Life Area:Financial Desires
I want to win 1M-dollarsI believe money requires hard work

Life Area: Personal
I want to be happy every dayI believe life is full of struggles
I want a partner in my lifeI believeI am too old

Can you see the conflict in fixed beliefs?  It’s difficult to create what you want, if your beliefs do not support it.  Find your own contradictions in any area of your life by using this practice.  Soon after that, you will begin to notice them when you speak aloud.  And then you can begin writing and speaking new beliefs which do cheer on your Spirit and create the life you desire.  Your beliefs have rested on the beach of your true desire for many years.  Is it time to bring in the tide?   The Main Street Angel is always here to help.

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