angel in motion“Nancine is an authentic spiritual teacher who shares extraordinary mystical insights with practical applications.”

 Sandy Rogers, 
 Certified Networker Professionall


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NANCINE MEYER is an author, inspirational speaker and internationally recognized prosperity coach.  She is a professionally skilled psychic medium, specializing in universal spiritual law and angel communication.  Nancine is what we would call an “old soul” with the effervescent spirit of a child. Seeing, talking and playing with her angels since the early age of five, she grew up knowing nothing is impossible or denied so long as the intention is to love more and to re-create. As a spiritual coach, she speaks and writes to share the certainty that we are all God-connected; that God and heavenly help are easily reached in all times; and that divine applause is present in every little human success. To newcomers, Nancine’s wisdom is very often sophisticated, but her presentation is always playful and engaging. Indeed, this is how she approaches her conversations with God, angels, and celestial beings. And this very joyful style of living is what she suggests to you in her newest book.

In The Lighter Side of Prayer, Nancine affectionately invites each of us to “just talk” with God about “every little thing” without moral prejudgment. The book opens with a touching and heart-warming story about “a very reverent man” and his struggle with prayer. With the tone in place, the book talks about the traditionally understood elements of prayer and shares greater spiritual insights about those meanings. In the section that follows, the author provides brief, accurate descriptions of each group of ethereal beings with whom we may connect in prayer, including those called “angels.” Following these introductions is an overview of telepathic communication styles individuals may train and expand. From there, angel intuitive Nancine fills a section of the book with inspiring words from the angels, which she has channeled specifically for her readers. The book closes with a simple discussion of three healthy habits for more joyful everyday living and shares some practical steps to get there.

“Nancine’s understanding of prayer opens us
to the possibility of living fully in all of our moments.” 

Mark Stanton Welch, Songwriter/Musician

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“The Lighter Side of Prayer is highly recommended for those who want a deeper relationship with God, angels and other messengers of light.”

Tina R. Ferguson, Ph.D., Author