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angel readings

“Honor Yourself, as We Honor You.  Delay No Longer and Do Invite Us In.”

Psychic Readings and Consultations

Dear Client,

As a spiritual teacher and intuitive advisor, it is my pleasure to use my psychic gifts to enable my audiences to experience spiritual development hand-in-hand with personal and professional achievement.

If you would like me to personally guide you in stepping into the life you desire,
I am available for individual psychic readings and professional consultations.

In our time together, with my Angels and personal Guides, I will identify for you habits and beliefs which are draining your energy and limiting your prosperity.  Together we will activate your most authentic Spirit, and in so doing free you to enjoy your natural state of creativity and grace.

My appointment fees vary by kind.  Each choice is a reasonable investment in tuning-you-up and tuning-you-in to the Life and Love you deserve.  I am delighted to assist you.

Angel Blessings In Your Day,

Readings and consultations are available Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm.
Evening and weekend appointments may be requested

Group Readings:

$130 for one-hour
$145 for reading and transcript
$65 for 30 minutes
Angel Party

Please call or email my office to schedule your time:
(623) 544-3304 or contact

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