"Move Over, Please, You’re In Your Way!"

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Motivational & Inspirational Events

Main Street Angel events are designed to activate the most authentic Spirit in each person in the audience.

When you are in that Spirit, your motivation, inspiration, creativity and effectiveness rapidly advance.  All of our courses and Nancine’s personal appearances are devoted to this simple formula and its extraordinary results. 

Here are some of the personal enrichment courses you may attend publicly or host for your company or organization. 

  1. Move Over, Please ... You're in Your Way!
  2. Affluence: Get in the Flow
  3. Cleaning the Cerebral Closet
  4. What You Believe You See, Is What You Get
  5. Your Energy & Your Potential
  6. Divorce Your Issues, Not Your People
  7. Intuitive Networking
  8. Extraordinary People in Ordinary Places

We will also partner with you to customize or create anew. 
Nancine is also available as a keynote speaker or media guest.

At Main Street Angel, we love our smaller audiences too! 
Inquire about hosting an Angel party in your home or at your
social group’s gathering. We’ll help with the invitations!

For all event arrangements and fees please contact us:
Main Street Angel (623) 544-3304 or  


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