angel in motion

"A miracle is but a shift from hurt to healing."

- Main Street Angel



Spirit Excavation

Bringing Your Spirit Home

Do you ever feel no matter how good you are at what you're doing, no matter how much you're producing, and no matter how much time you invest in something or someone; you just don't feel excited or enthusiastic?

Chances are your Spirit is gone. It's lost its animation. Your thoughts or actions are not currently resonating with your most authentic Self. And, more than likely, your intellect has been redefining your Spirit, rather than serving as a tool to support it.

Spirit is your divine life force. It flows through you, not from you. When in play, it attracts your greatest good easily and effortlessly. Your vibration is one of joy and contagious delight. Your divine purpose is naturally fulfilled.
When your Spirit is home, you can find it in your eyes. There is an undeniably clear sparkle in them. When the sparkle is missing, so is your Spirit.

Bring your Spirit home when it escapes you. Get in the habit of checking daily in the mirror. Is there a sparkle in your eyes? Get to know your sparkle and what action brings it in. Give it more of the same. Sing. Dance. Paint. Laugh. Take a long walk in nature. Visit a kindred spirit. Whatever you choose, make it alive! Spirit is divine animation. It needs to play on stage, not sit in the audience.


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