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The Lighter Side of Prayer by Nancine Meyer, csc

(Q) Tell us a little bit about yourself: who is Nancine Meyer?
(A)  I am a cheerleader for everyone’s best life experience. I am a certified spiritual guide and law of attraction coach. I help my clients and audiences identify and change patterns and beliefs that delay their highest consistent good. This is easy for me to do because I see angels around everyone and engage these celestials in my advice. Adding to my proven psychic ability, I employ my skills from my former service in corporate executive management, law and philanthropic services. Combining my two diverse studies and experiences into my present profession results in truly mystical inspiration with relevant, enjoyable plans of action.

(Q) How did you come up with the title of your book [The Lighter Side of Prayer]
(A) Over the years, I continue to witness so many people speaking prayer very solemnly and acting as if some supernatural being outside of Divine Self has a rule book for the who, where, and when to pray. I wanted to heal that by showing how easy it is to engage in the joy of frequent, spontaneous prayer.

(Q) What is The Lighter Side of Prayer’s core message?
(A)  You are loved. You deserve. Every person here on earth is first a spiritual being and only second a physical being. Because of this order of existence, we have a divine channel that connects us with God and celestials anytime, anywhere, any situation. This is prayer and the book invites readers to really enjoy it more often.

(Q) Is it a Christian book?
(A) It’s an everyone’s book. Prayer is not necessarily connected to a religion or theology; although certainly it is a respected part of those liturgies. But prayer, as the book assures, is the intrinsic, unrestricted interaction every living person has with God, the universe and other celestial beings. That line is always open without judgment, intermediary or interference.

(Q) Do you have a favorite part of the book?
(A) I love the whole book, but I do favor the section with messages on various topics which the angels channeled through me into writing. They’re just so loving and uplifting for everyone of us to read. 

(Q) What was the hardest part of book to write?
(A) I wanted to explain some of the extrasensory abilities we all have, and the who and where of deceased and celestial beings; however, I know too much about that subject. The challenge was to keep that part short and general so that I would not diverge from the book’s overall subject of prayer.
(Q) What’s your next project if any?
(A) Because I work with angels, they come up with great new ideas every day and night.  They tell me I may follow-up with Angel Whispers or Lessons from a Very Reverent Man who is mentioned in the Lighter Side of Prayer’s introduction. It should be known, however, Angels don’t type.

(Q) Where can readers learn more about you and your book.
(A) You can always learn more about me at my website, and follow me by joining my mailing list there; or connect on FB and other social media sites.

The Lighter Side of Prayer is available on my website or at on paperback and in Kindle format.


Nancine Meyer

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“The Lighter Side of Prayer is highly recommended for those who want a deeper relationship with God, angels and other messengers of Light.”

Tina Ferguson, Author/PhD

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